Basically, it remains a question of economics. First, the diesel engine vehicle market is estimated at US$47 billion and is growing at a compound rate of 14%annually. Second, there is an existing base of 230 million diesel engines worldwide. In addition to these factors, there is also a US$6 billion stationary power generator market under going significant growth. The combined potential of these large Automotive and Power Generation segments attracts competition for market share and technological pre-eminence in a strict environment of regulatory compliance. Natural gas is much better and cleaner fuel. It doesn't pollute the atmosphere in the manner petrol or diesel engines do. Diesel engines are particularly notorious in the emission they create. There is therefore a worldwide move to gradually decrease the use of diesel fuel. Perhaps, more importantly, for countries such as Pakistan, the cost factor is very pertinent. In such countries, natural gas is available locally at very low cost whereas diesel fuel is an important commodity and is sold at prevalent international prices.

Attractive operating economics.
Burns low cost, domestic natural gas
Excellent long term reliability record
Greatly reduced emission
Same heat rejection as diesel
Oil change interval is increased
Oil filter changes are reduced
Environment is made cleaner
Safety is enhanced
Fuel filter change intervals are much longer
Similar power to diesel powered equivalent
Requires fewer natural gas fuel than others
Engine silently goes to diesel function when no gas

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