Dual Fuel engines operates on both natural gas and diesel fuel simultaneously. The majority of the burned is natural gas and diesel fuel is used to ignite the mixture. This allows retention of the diesel compression ratio and its efficiency while burning cheap natural gas.
Our unique kit is based on the fumigation principle and uses the same principle of operation as those of dedicated gas engines. However, instead of a spark ignition system, we use diesel fuel as a "liquid spark plug" to ignite the natural gas. By doing so, our kits enable diesel engines to work with the same compression common on diesel engines. It also allows the engine to be operated on full diesel fuel whenever required.
Our dual fuel kit provides the best of worlds, diesel engine ruggedness and torque capabilities coupled with the economy and environmental benefits of burning clean gas.

System for conversion of industrial diesel engine to Dual-Fuel operation by substitution of 50-80% natural gas for diesel
Suitable for all Speed engines 500-1800 RPM
No reduction of engine power or efficiency
Smooth transition between diesel and Duel-Fuel operation at any time
Gas and air are blended behind air filter before turbo charged by central mixer
The state of art electronics maximizes amount of injected gas while keeping all engine parameters in limits specified by engine manufacturer
No modifications on internal engine components are required

The control panels are based on proven Elko controllers and provide state-of-art control and safety shutdown monitoring. The system is designed specifically for Dual-Fuel application and is straight-forward and easy to operate. The panel monitors a number of pressure and temperature points and return the engine to 100% diesel operation should any parameter deviate from its normal range. In addition, an hour meter function tracks the operating hours when in bi-fuel mode.
Alarms are annunciated in color code lights, NOTE: control panel never shut down the engine it controls Dual-Fuel system only

Conditioning and regulating the natural gas prior to admission into the engine is a critical part of the Dual-Fuel system. The system gas train includes a 20-micron fuel filter, a manual shutoff valve, electrically operated solenoid valves actuated in the event of an emergency or for system shutdown, and a zero-pressure, demand-type gas pressure regulator.
This latter component reduces the inlet gas pressure (1-5 psi )to roughly atmospheric pressure. With a negative outlet pressure, the design allows the system to use a demand control scheme whereby engine intake airflow determines the gas flow of the engines. As engines load changes, corresponding changes in take air volume automatically draw additional.

The patented Dual-Fuel system incorporates a sophisticated, electronic control system, which controls both natural gas and diesel fuel during operation. In addition, the Electronic Control System acts as an engine Safety device, by monitoring up to 20 critical data channels including.
Exhaust Gas Temperature- Stack
Exhaust Gas Temperature Cylinder
High and Low engine RPM
Low natural gas supply pressure
High natural gas supply pressure
The engine temperatures LCD display in either text format. The electronic notifies the user locally (via an LED general fault light), in the event of a fault. If a fault is detected, the electronic control system will automatically switch the generator to 100% diesel operation and data-log the fault.

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